About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Emiliano Zapata and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. Thank you for having an interest in wanting to know who I am. Let me start by explaining the purpose of this blog… It’s to share with you my journey in my pursuit of creating a sustainable online business that doesn’t require my presence in the offline world.

If you read my story below you will be introduced to who I am and the various skills, talents, and experiences I’ve been fortunate to have and acquire during my first 40 years of life.

At the end of this story, I will have revealed to you the complete purpose and the blueprint for building a lucrative online business that requires nothing but one’s self and a computer that can log onto the internet.

Why would I or anyone want to accomplish this? It’s because I believe that there is a much greater purpose to life than to slave away at a job or to have a life focused solely on one’s ego’s worldly ambitions. But the fact of life is that we all have basic necessities and desires that give us purpose and satisfaction giving our day to day meaning and joy.

The end goal of creating a sustainable online business is to accomplish time freedom so that we can dedicate our precious and limited time to our passions and our true purposeful desires.

One time I was being introduced onto a stage where I was going to be speaking and the person called me “A Million.” I thought that was pretty cool. So if you’d like, you can call me “E-Million.”

Why “Mr. E-Million” instead of Emiliano Zapata?

For those of you who know a little bit of Mexican history, you’ve probably heard of my name… Emiliano Zapata was a very famous Mexican revolutionary hero so if you search my name online you can expect to find the Mexican hero wearing his famous sombrero and his big thick mustache.

In the world of the internet, you need to be able to be found. It also helps to build a recognizable brand. If you were to try to find me online by my name considering the history and the authority that the original Emiliano Zapata has, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Yes, I can mope about not being able to brand my own name online, but I actually like Mr. E-Million quite a lot because it has many different meanings to me.

  1. My goal is to build an online business and produce 100% electronically $1,000,000.
  2. Making one million dollars online for most people sounds extremely difficult, complicated, and perhaps unfeasible making it a MYSTERY. (get it)
  3. I will be one of the men who finds success and guides many others to succeed at achieving their Mystery $1,000,000.
  4. So, Allow me to reintroduce myself. “Hello, I am Mr. E-Million.”

I’m half Bolivian and half Korean, grew up mostly in America, but have also lived in a total of 7 countries and visited 8 others. I was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and have also lived in my mother’s homeland of South Korea, which has helped me greatly to become fluent in 3 languages but most importantly has made me very open minded to the many different cultures and economic situations that exist.

I’m a man made of 3 completely different cultures. Someone who has lived extensively in 3 different continents and as I said above, speak 3 totally different languages. Austin Powers beat me to the slogan “International Man of Mystery” so I’ll just have to settle for being the “Internet Man Mr. E-Million.”

The life Story of Mr. E-Million

I grew up to an immigrant family of entrepreneurs so naturally I was born with entrepreneurship in my veins. I remember getting in trouble starting in Kindergarten because I was always selling things to my classmates and although they kept telling me not to, I couldn’t help it. It’s like telling a bird not to fly. I just seem to have an eye for opportunity.

I remember ever since high school back in the late 90’s, I was intrigued and wanted to start an online shopping website. Back then I was super close to opening an online store and affiliating it with Yahoo shopping, but I didn’t. I wonder how that would’ve been. In retrospect, I think I would’ve made a killing!

Making My First $$$ Online

It was at Florida State University, where I learned the power of selling online. It all started by selling my old CDs on a website called half.com which was owned by eBay. It would sell so quickly and they weren’t even new.

Then I started to collect all the textbooks that students would leave behind after finals and would sell them online during the beginning of the following semester. That was a great little business since it was free inventory. Even the used textbooks would sell for over $30 each.

During my second year in college, I started to buy cell phone accessories from an importer from China and I would wholesale them to the cell phone accessory gondolas in all the shopping malls between Miami, my American hometown, and Tallahassee, which was about 500 miles away.

I had about a dozen clients before I got lazy and stopped because I discovered how much easier it was to sell online. Back in those days face to face interactions was essential with local business owners, so I would have to drive 500 miles down to Miami and drive 500 miles back up to college as often as possible to keep up with my business.

That all stopped soon after I started posting my products up on 2 different auction websites, eBay.com and uBid.com. I’d wake up go to class and after class, I’d check my email and sure enough, I would have some sales, so I’d package it in a yellow bubble envelope and ship it out. Every single day like clockwork. Sometimes on the weekends I would rent a table at the local flea market and sell any and all accessories for $10 each.

Correcting the Erroneous Code in My Brain

My entrepreneurial spirit and online success are what got me through college, but like most of you, I was brainwashed from an early age with the idea that to be successful I would have to graduate University and get a job at a well known and respected company. So that’s what I did. I graduated and got a job working at Office Depot Headquarters.

I got a special promotion, a new position to work directly under the VP of Technology, but before starting that new position I took 2 weeks off to go visit South Korea with family. Guess what happened? I found a much better opportunity and so I decided not to take my promotion and stayed. It was the first time in my life that I under packed on a trip and I decided to simply stay and I’m so glad I did!

At the time people thought I was crazy, but now they talk about how lucky I am to have been able to do all the things that I’ve done, travel, and meet people from all over the world and yadi yadi yah. As you probably already heard No Risk = No Reward!

What did I do while I was out there?

I went back to sales and marketing. Not for any company in particular. I sold myself, my skills and abilities. I became my own boss. Lucky for me my best friend from Miami, who is also Korean, had just moved back to Korea and so we decided to make quick cash flow teaching international students and foreign exchange students English and prep them for the classes they were going to be taking the following year.

Knowing how to marketing yourself is the key to real success!

While most English teachers were making $20-$40/hour we were bringing in over $20K/month. I definitely beat my Office Depot salary.😆 I also started teaching business presentation and negotiation at employee training centers for Samsung, Daewoo, and other companies in South Korea.

You won’t believe what happened next…

I became a co-host to an English education TV program. That got me weekly TV exposure and as you could probably imagine, that opened the doors to a lot of new exciting opportunities. That’s when I started to travel more and lived more of a life of adventure rather than chasing big paychecks and stability. I was traveling and creating TV commercials and Print Advertisements networking with people from all walks of life enjoying a real adventurous lifestyle.

I had always been a person that values people and experiences over money. I also believed that there is always money that can be made. The problem is that the more you make the more you seem to spend. Its a perpetual cycle. Your new experiences create new desires and they end up costing you incrementally more and more. As the saying goes, I was working hard and playing hard.

Dealing with Life’s Curveball

As you may have already experienced, life will always throw you a curveball and knock off your path. I was having a blast and living the time of my life, but things back home started to change. Aside from God, the head of my world was my grandfather. He was my first and most important mentor in life. His passing was the worst thing that could’ve happened to my family, as he was the leader and decision maker of everything important involving our family.

His funeral was the first in my life and the first eulogy I ever delivered. That was one of the most difficult experiences in my life. Thankfully I was able to spend his final month with him, but my family, myself included, has never recovered from the devastating void his departure has created.

To make things worse, during the couple months I was back in the US, the financial instability in Asia caused the Korean Won to depreciate and I lost a third of the value of my savings. I returned back to Asia and continued to work, but it didn’t last long as I was struggling with what I now understand was minor depression.

Self Reflection & Decision Time

I received a wedding invitation from my closest cousin, who to me is like my older sister, and that was when I decided that I better come back home for good. My grandfather had passed, I lost a third of my money, and the economy in Asia was not as it was before, and although I was living what some would say a dream lifestyle I was losing touch with my own family.

Being a man of faith, community oriented, and being raised to value and think of family I had definitely lost my way.

It was time to make a correction and although difficult to leave behind the new relationships and lifestyle I had created I was heading back home.

From Peaks to Valleys

Well after 7 years of living in the peaks I found myself in the valleys of life. Not a fun place to be. Everyone in my family seemed all lost without the direction and leadership of my grandfather and on top of it, I was back with family but in a totally new city.

I felt like I was living in limbo. I grew up with a very tight and successful family in the glamour of the 80s and 90s Miami. I went off and lived in cities like Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and then found myself in the northeast suburbs of Atlanta.😩 To make things worse, my grandfather was no longer around, I had no friends nearby, and my closest cousins were in DC and NYC.😭 😭

I started life in Atlanta by helping one of my uncles in the unsecured debt negotiation business before laws started changing causing the industry to restructure, which forced my uncle to close.

Back to the Internet World

Remembering the success I had with the internet, I spend the next 3 months studying the new trends. I was learning about selling digital products, SEO, and app development.

Being a fearless tech-savvy early adopter, I decided to start an app development company and that became a very painful learning experience that cost me a lot of money.

It was the first real failure that I had experienced in my adult life. I learned that coming into a market too early can be worse than getting in too late. When you are too early it’s hard to get any real support and almost nobody can support you because they just don’t “get it”.

Due to the failure and loss of money I had no choice but to look for a real job.

Becoming a Licensed Financial Professional

Who would’ve thought, I would become a licensed insurance broker. It all started with Aflac. I was recruited by the Regional VP in Atlanta, who told me that in the 55 year history of Aflac, they had not been able to penetrate the Korean market in its HQ state of Georgia. At the time and still, till today Atlanta is one of the fastest growing Korean communities in the US.

I started as a regular insurance agent, working with american businesses, setting up employee benefit packages, but once I got comfortable and understood the products and value I started to work towards penetrating the Korean market.

Let me tell you. It was hard work. Very very hard! No wonder the burnout rate for insurance agents is 90% within 2 years. Only 10% of agents survive the 2nd year. I guess that makes me a survivor. Want to know how I did it?

I decided to work smarter and not harder. Instead of approaching the Korean businesses on my own, I met with the owner of the largest Korean Insurance Brokerage Company in Atlanta and encouraged him to add Aflac policies to their book of business.

That’s how I became an Aflac Broker Sales Developer. My role had changed from sales agent to broker trainer and developer.

Naturally spending time with these brokers I started to learn about all the other products that they offered and became a broker myself. I sure learned a lot about personal finance and how the wealthy protect their assets and take advantage of the best tax benefits. There is a clear reason “the rich get richer.”

People with money will consult and pay a financial advisor for advise on how to manage and invest their money. But people who don’t see themselves as rich or self sufficient don’t find the need to pay a financial advisor for advice on their finances because they don’t think it applies to them and they are uncertain whether the cost will benefit their situation.

It’s like thinking you should only buy books if you already know how to read and not think that owning a book is the first step in learning how to read.

I hated trying to offer something people didn’t want because they had a preconceived notion of not needing it because they believed it didn’t apply to them. I don’t agree or like the idea of selling by convincing. I rather sell something to someone who already knows and wants something because they already know and feel the value of it.

The other issue I had is that I look ten years younger than actual age, so whenever talking to people about personal finance and long term investment people would question my age and have a natural tendency to doubt some of the things I was saying.

Till this day I am still a licensed insurance broker, but after being in the industry for about 4 years I decided to move to Washington DC and take another crack at starting an online based business.

The Heart of Perseverance

As I continued my insurance business on the side, I invested in a program and partnership to begin a business offering Wi-Fi Hotspots. It was cutting edge at the time and very exciting. I worked my tail off. Developing a website for the business, writing a book on the topic, and doing so much of the groundwork later to be scammed and robbed by one of the partners. It was pretty bad. The FBI got involved and as you can imagine it was another undeserving blow.

This again affected me financially, but after a while I was back at it. This time I decided that I couldn’t trust partners and if I were to do something I would have to do it on my own. Over the next few years I invested in tens of thousands of dollars in different products and coaching programs to better equip and position myself to find the online success I was in search of.

I now run a small boutique marketing agency called My Ninja Marketer. I offer a full range of services and have a variety of video training courses that I sell. I even run online events teaching different strategies on business development using the internet, but it still requires my complete attention and commitment.

Although running this agency is something that I enjoy, it is not helping me reach the goal of establishing a passive online business that creates the time freedom that I have been in search of. But the good news is, I finally found the right opportunity and partnership that will get me there.

5 Major Lessons Learned

  1. Having a Mentor is essential to find success and have stability through appropriate direction and motivation.
  2. Being the pioneer may sound glamorous and exciting, but its a lot harder and comes with much higher risk.
  3. Target your audience appropriately because sales through convincing is not a successful long term strategy.
  4. It’s smarter to have an army work under you than it is to be the single man army.
  5. If at first you don’t succeed just pick yourself right up, make the appropriate adjustments, and try again.

The Game Changer

I found John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success Coaching Program and everything about it checks all the right boxes. He is well respected and known in the online community for creating a passive online business, which is exactly what i have been looking for.

He has a structured coaching program and has helped over a thousand students around the world create their own online business since 2011 and has an army of over 70,000 affiliates that have requested to promote his products.

Let me explain what this means… His coaching program is about leveraging his proven business system to fast track his students to building their own online business. The business consists of creating your own digital product, membership website, or software and then leveraging his list of over 200,000 buyers and his army of affiliates to promote and sell your product via the internet.

In case you don’t know what affiliates are… They are online sales people who promote your product or services to their network and buyers list. You may also identify them as Influencers or Bloggers.

Think about that. Absolute GOLD!!! No other program I’ve ever seen does what John Thornhill and his team do. His coaching program prepares you to have the ability to have your first product launch within 3 months. And while you are a member of his program he will always promote for you and help you leverage his army of affiliates, while helping you create your own list of buyers. Yes, that means you’re making sales. But that’s not all, he also helps you build your own army of affiliates, who continually promote your products making you a consistent flow of sales for years to come.

The Numbers

Imagine creating a small product that you sell for $30. You pay your affiliates 50%, giving you a net profit of $15. John promotes to his 200,000+ buyers and his affiliates promote your product to their buyers. Let’s say a measley half a percent of them buy. Just from John’s list of buyers that equals 1000+ sales. 1000 sales times $15 net profit equals $15,000 profit off one product launch. There are people who make over 6 figures on one product launch of 7 days.

Keep in mind that after the product launch, the price of the product goes up and you continue to make sales. People are incentivized to buy during the product launch because its the lowest price they will ever have to pay.

Our Responsibility on Earth

To be a Doer! If we don’t take action our dreams will never be realized. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to try something. You are more powerful, important, and capable than what you think, and with the right mentors and support group around you, your new and improved version is just around the corner. Don’t let money alone dictate your life.

To wrap this up, I’d like to thank you dearly for taking the time to read my story and get to know me. I welcome you to continue to follow my journey or if you’re up for it, I encourage you to join me in your pursuit of acquiring your E-Million.

If you’ve ever wanted to have your own online business I strongly recommend that you at least meet John Thornhill and check out his coaching program. It’s free to check out and you’ll definitely leave much smarter and well informed. Not trying to be pushy, I just don’t want you to miss the best opportunity and program I’ve ever seen online. So click this link to see who he is and join one of his free webinars.

Good luck and God bless.

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