Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my new Blog

This is my very first post on this brand new blog. Its been 20 years since my last blog, so I’m very excited to start this new journey and welcome you to join me. You can follow me and watch the transformation of this blog as I begin to unpack 40 years of my experiences and of course everything else I pick up along the way.

As you may agree, life as we knew it is no more! Living through this global pandemic of the Covid-19, coronavirus, has given me a lot of time to reflect and I’m more motivated than ever to finally document my past and future experiences related to leveraging the internet for financial gain.

My goal for this blog is to share with you my various successes and mistakes so that you can shortcut your success in being able to leverage the internet to produce some supplemental income, or if you want to replace your full-time income altogether.

I grew up without hardly any guidance or supervision and therefore much of my education came from learning from my own experiences, sometimes from good ones and other times from not so good ones. I got very good at learning from my mistakes.

One of the many breakthroughs I made was to stop believing that it was ok to learn from my poor decisions and mistakes. The purpose of learning from our mistakes is to put us on the road towards success and not to continue the vicious cycle of learning from failures.

I used to think that failure was ok as long I acquired some knowledge on what didn’t work and what to avoid. But none of that matters if all your doing is wasting valuable time while gaining awareness and knowledge, but never applying them to actually arrive at success.

As the smart ones know, it is far greater to learn from success than it is from failures. It is also wiser to learn from other people’s experiences than to learn from one’s failures. Ultimately this idea suggests that you should leverage other people’s experiences to increase your probability of success and limit having to learn from your own personal defeats.

Through this blog, I will offer you a channel for you to learn from my experiences so that you can shortcut your pursuit of finding online success. I will share with you the various income streams I was able to create using the power of the internet and will provide you the various insights that were associated with those experiences.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to leverage the internet to enhance your offline business, find success in building an online income or create a digital business, I encourage you to follow me as I reveal insights that will help you avoid various time-wasting heartaches and realize your desires.

Make sure to follow me as I prepare to share for free the insights some would pay top dollar for, and if you know someone that my blog would benefit please let my offering not go to waste and share it with those you care for.

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